Fall LeafI think many of us are ready for Fall. And what better way to get ready for it than to make some pretty Autumn based jewelry to put us in the mood.

Even a polymer clay newbie  will be able to make these pieces from the simple tutorial. In fact the blog I found this on isn’t even in English. It may be in French but I’m not completely sure. But there are pictorial instructions so you can understand what is going on without having to read anything.

I think my favorite thing about these pieces (besides the beautiful colors) is the beaded border around the piece.

One note to mention. I am assuming these pieces are a pin or a pendant with matching earrings. She stops the tutorial after she make s the pieces and doesn’t actually make them into earrings or a pin but it would be very easy to glue earring backs and a pin back to them. Just use  a super glue to glue them and let them dry completely.

Click the link below to be taken to the instructions:

Fall Leaf Pin and Earrings